Traffic Reflective Products


The Irwin Hodson Company is a Portland, Oregon manufacturing company committed to producing products for as-needed market place designs.  With a history of producing stamped product for regional OEMs, our current mission is to mix our patented and other proprietary product with customer designed parts where the investment in tooling makes sense. Competing in the traffic reflector market is possible with the equipment we have implemented for laminating and stamping materials.  While our substrates are typically aluminum materials, Irwin Hodson reflector brackets or associated fastener products can be made of steel as well.

  • 11

    11" Barrier Traffic Reflector (11" BTR)

    This product is an extra tall rigid traffic safety reflector designed for concrete barrier application as a delineator. It is most effective for traffic where extra reflectivity and resistance to wind is important. Examples would be snowy or dense fog areas or where there is a hindrance of the view of the road ahead and extra guidance through reflectivity is needed. Our choice of reflective material is 3M’s Diamond Grade Cubed sheeting (White or Fl Yellow), which provides superior entrance and observation angles while giving a longer effective reflectivity life.  The reflective strip is 3.1” wide by 9” high (overall 11” height) with a  4” wide x.060” thick aluminum substrate. The base is 4” in overall length with 2 slots and 2 holes – 5/16” diameter. For product sustainability simply apply another strip of DG3 over the expired sheeting to give this reflector a new life. With sufficient quantities the product can be ordered to shorter lengths (9”, 7” & 5”).

    Optional is a second strip for the back side that can be added for two-way notification on the median barrier. Custom colors may be used for markers with special needs.


    Mounting: can be with mechanical fastener or adhesive.

    Total Reflective surface: 27 square inches.

    Weight: 1/3 lb each.

    Standard box quantity: 50 units


  • Circular Disc

    Circular Disc

    The Circular Disc is a delineator. It is intended to be a singular warning device with attachment to non porous surfaces. The humped section angle is 44 degrees from the flat surface and has 180 degrees of retroreflectivity. The substrate is aluminum and the sheeting is Diamond Grade. The attachment is 3M VHB adhesive. As an option a hole can be centered to allow for riveting to an existing reflector bracket. Sizes available are 2” thru 5” diameter.

    Sheeting: 3M Diamond Grade, White or Fl. Yellow

    Net Weight of the 3.25” diameter disc: 1.5 oz

    Material substrate:  .022”/.016” Aluminum

  • Monarch Reflective Device

    Monarch Reflective Device

    The Monarch Butterfly Reflective Device is a guardrail reflector product. It can be used as a delineator or as warning device. Several can be mounted anywhere on the same singular guardrail length with our Universal D bracket, the attachment of which is used with either mechanical fasteners or two pads of VHB adhesive.  The Monarch is used as a one-way or two-way reflective device and comes with a reflective center piece.

    The product is laminated with 3M Diamond (DG3) Grade reflective sheeting. As such it has the highest reflective properties available.

    Product is stocked in limited quantities in several color combinations of white, fl.yellow, red, or

    The reflective area of the Monarch is 9 square inches on each side.  Visibility will depend on weather conditions.  Regardless of straight, curved or oncoming dead end roads the Monarch gives excellent retroreflection.

    The mounted depth of the Monarch leaves ¾” of clearance to the top edge of the guardrail.  This is plenty of space to allow the operation of equipment coming in contact with the outside edge of the quardrail (snow plows, grazing vehicles, etc.).

    End to end the mounted Monarch is 7” long. The cross section of the flat section, which includes three ¼” diameter holes, is 4.66” long. The material construction is .015” aluminum (3105 H22).

    The compression buttons that affix the Monarch to the mount are UV resistant.


    Total Reflective surface: 23 square inches

    3M Reflective sheeting: DG3

    Net Weight: 1 oz

    Net Weight of bracket: ¼ lb.